February 9, 2019

Who We Are

We are a group of Ethiopians living in Geneva, friends of the Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund. We are committed to be guided by the EDTF Terms of Reference and its guiding principles of transparency and accountability and have agreed to open an EDTF Chapter in the city of Geneva, Switzerland.

What We Do

+ Keep a list of members who have contributed to the EDTF;

+ Encourage members who have not contributed to make contributions.

+ If members, either contributors or non-contributors, have questions or concerns about the EDTF that we are not able to answer, we will reach out to our Advisory Council contact;

+ Assist members who have difficulty using the contributions page to make donations;

+ Regularly review the EDTF detailed Contributions table/map to assess the level of EDTF Contributors and Contributions in and from Geneva and discuss it with our Group members; and

+ Plan an Annual EDTF Fund Raising Event along with similar Chapters in Switzerland and contact our Advisory Council contact about its organization and support.