Recent Donations from Geneva

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You Are Here:Recent Donations from Geneva
6/2/2018Abebe Kebede365 CHF
6/3/2018Derartu Tulu365 CHF
6/4/2018Yassin Ahmed30 CHF
6/5/2018Abebe Kebede365 CHF
6/6/2018Derartu Tulu90 CHF
6/7/2018Yassin Ahmed100 CHF
6/8/2018አበበ ከበደ 365 CHF
6/9/2018ደራርቱ ቱሉ365 CHF
6/10/2018ያሲን አህመድ20 CHF
6/11/2018አበበ ከበደ 60 CHF
6/12/2018ደራርቱ ቱሉ1000 CHF
6/13/2018ያሲን አህመድ365 CHF
6/14/2018አበበ ከበደ 60 CHF
6/15/2018ደራርቱ ቱሉ100 CHF
6/16/2018ያሲን አህመድ100 CHF
6/17/2018አበበ ከበደ 365 CHF
6/18/2018ደራርቱ ቱሉ60 CHF
6/19/2018ያሲን አህመድ365 CHF
6/20/2018አበበ ከበደ 500 CHF

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